What’s the best night for Kids to Eat Free?

The best night for a Kids Eat Free special greatly depends on whether you are a parent or a restaurant owner. Restaurants have traditionally offered specials like “Kids Eat Free” in order to bring in traffic on slow nights. According to MyKidsEatFree.com, 28% of “Kids Eat Free” specials are offered on Tuesday nights. This has been the trend for more than 3 years.

Parents have also benefited from Kids Eat Free specials. Not only does it save parents money but it can also be a great way to check out new restaurants without spending a lot. 26% of visitors to MyKidsEatFree.com in 2009 were searching on Tuesdays. This has also been the trend for more than 3 years. With Mondays being reserved for Sunday leftovers, Tuesday nights were great for parents to go out for dinner if a deal could be found.

Recently we have all been affected by the downturn in the economy. Families are now opting for home cooking instead of going out for dinner. Over the last 3 months, we have seen a shift in searches for “Kids Eat Free” specials from the traditional Tuesdays to more of a Wednesday and Thursday night trend. Tuesdays dropped 8% where Wednesdays and Thursdays both show an increase of more than 3% each. When asked about this new trend, many visitors stated “Yes we are cooking at home more but by Thursday, I just don’t feel like cooking anymore and I need to get out of the house for one night.”

Earth Fare recently started a Family Night with a “Kids Eat Free” special on Thursdays. Earth Fare stated that their goal is to provide a healthy meal to those that may not otherwise be able to afford and Thursday nights was a great choice based on their traffic and customer feedback. What does the future hold for Kids Eat Free specials? More multi night offers from many of the restaurants already offering specials will be the trend. The traditionally slow nights will always be a favorite but more will follow the trend and start to include other nights in order to compete for your business.

So which nights are best? Tuesdays are still good but Wednesdays and Thursdays have taken the lead. And don’t forget about the weekends. IHOP just announced that “Kids Eat Free” all weekend during the month of April. Whichever nights you choose to go out, odds are somewhere in your area there is a “Kids Eat Free” special waiting for you. Be sure to check out www.MyKidsEatFree.com before you go out tonight.


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