offers you one of the most potent ways to target your most-desired customers. Our reach and readership provide incomparable value for your advertising investment. Our viewers consist of parents and Grandparents looking for a restaurant to go to. So, whether you’re targeting a local audience or looking for a national one, you’ll get your message to the right people at the right time.

Our Audience

Ads appearing on the Web site are directed toward Parents and Grand Parents. Some pages on the Web site have been identified as not appropriate for commercial ads. On those pages we feature only " in-house ads" that promote products and services.


Online advertisements on the MyKidsEatFree’s Web site do not collect personally identifiable information about individual visitors. MyKidsEatFree does collect nonmedical aggregate data on visitors, such as time of day and Web browser type. Such information may be shared with advertisers to determine their advertising effectiveness.

How do I Advertise on

For ad rates and inquiries about advertising on the Web site, please contact us at


How do I get my location featured on

Featured Restaurants is a premium service. For rates, and inquiries about having your restaurant featured on the Web site, please send an e-mail to





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